WHAT CAN IT BE?  expatriation, parenthood, partnership, new job, redundancy – you name it. WHAT IMPACT CAN IT HAVE?

First things first – why have I become a life coach and why is my specialism “the management of change”

I have lived lots of changes – some of them I would classify as “revolutions”, others as simple “modifications”.
Born in Poland, I was a teenager when the country became a democracy. A big transformation that I was able to watch and to live. And that opened the borders, which made me a citizen of the world.
Some think we – ex Soviet block people – fled our countries to search for a better, more comfortable life. That was not my case – in travelling I could see an opportunity to develop an open mind, to learn about different cultures, to understand and respect other people and their customs. And when being able to travel wasn’t enough, I took part in Work and Travel USA programme, to actually experience living abroad.
I will come back on this experience at some point but let me just tell you how much acceptance, openness and humility it takes to work in a different country and use a foreign language every day. And how much I learned there!
After obtaining my MA in Japanese Language and Culture I left for Japan. Yes, the will of living a new experience abroad just simply wouldn’t leave me.
Japan, a land of contrasts and paradoxes, welcoming and hostile at the same time, where nature mixes with skyscrapers… Tokyo…a city that one cannot describe…
Living and working in this cosmopolitan yet traditional country was an extraordinary time, time I shared with my (still) other half. What a chance to meet someone that loves the change as much as I do! We got to know Japan pretty well as a couple and as a family since our son was born there. Which also means I lived a transition from a career-focused woman to a full-time mother. Did the fact of living in a country thousands of miles away from mine make this transition easier or more challenging? I will try to elaborate this subject later on. Today I can only say it was a humanly enriching experience and an extraordinary lesson of life.
After six years in Japan – a new major change – a move to France and a double challenge – learning the language and getting used to the country of my husband. And well, not an easy transition from Asia to Europe…
But then you are the master of your destiny, aren’t you? I quickly signed up for an intensive French course, got a job and life went on. And when I was on maternity leave after my daughter was born I started to think a lot about what I wanted to do in life. I knew helping others had a huge importance to me but helping through giving advice (I used to work in recruiting) just wasn’t enough. I could also feel the need of bringing my open-mindedness, my respect, my lack of judgement to my job. I did a lot of research and decided to become a personal development coach. After an in-depth reflexion my dream became a goal. When in 2012 after thorough studies I graduated and opened my practice – my goal became reality.
Eight years into living in France, we started feeling that a new challenge would be welcome. Needless to say that when my husband was offered the opportunity to move to London, we didn’t need more than five minutes to decide. Guess what, our 10 year-old son greeted the idea with lots of enthusiasm. He was immediately able to see the benefits of an experience abroad!
Now that we live in the UK we can say this transition has been a success, as far as our family is concerned. What impact will this experience have on our children? We’ll see that in a little while…
This blog will be about life changes – what they are, how we approach them, how to live successful transitions, how to know whether or not you need a change, and lots more, so please stop by whenever you wish.
Helping you turn your Dream into a Goal and your Goal into Reality










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