What do we fear most when a change in our life occurs? Why the words ‘What is it going to be like now?’ come to our mind right away?

Whether we have chosen to change or the change has happened to us, we will feel anxiety, worry, apprehension. Why is that?

We are afraid of the unknown. We are afraid to lose our bearings. What can these bearings be? The people that surround us, the design of the office or the house, the climate, the language – anything we are used to or familiar with.

Good news – you have the right to feel the fear, to be unsure, insecure – yes you do. As long as you don’t focus on these feelings, they won’t prevent you from moving forward.

And when you are ready to make the first step towards a change, tell yourself that although it is a new situation and it will take you time to get accustomed to it, you eventually will. And you will be so proud of yourself then. So be ready for this new challenge!

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